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Agency capability. Freelance Agility. A turnkey, full-service marketing partner who radically reduces your timelines and costs.

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Hammes Company is a healthcare consulting firm, providing strategic planning, facility development and real estate advisory to the healthcare industry. Their new Marketing Director was tasked with updating the firm’s antiquated marketing collateral on an extremely short deadline and small budget with having access to an internal creative team or agency of record.


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No guidelines. No time. No Problem.

Hammes Company’s marketing director approached us with an interesting challenge — to help her recreate nearly their entire library of outdated marketing materials that had been hodgepodged together by disparate stakeholders and designers throughout the years. Our assignment was to walk the fine line of elevating the design and cohesiveness of the materials without deviating too far from the conservative brand identity, and to do it literally overnight. We even made their Calibri font look good!

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Agency capability. Freelancer agility.

Hammes needed us to do the impossible, which was entirely possible because of our unique business model. When a project is kicked off at a traditional agency, it is routed through the account managers, project managers, production managers, and traffickers before it even gets to the team who’s actually doing the work. This results in extra time, overhead cost, and mistakes. At Unlisted, Hammes had direct access to us, the designers, which allowed for “impossibly” fast turn-around times, accuracy, and value.

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The overnight modernization of a brand.

In less than two weeks, Hammes had a cohesive library of updated marketing materials that included case studies, one-sheets, printed and digital event invitations, and custom logos ready to distribute to their sales team.

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In addition to having a refreshed catalog of marketing materials, the Hammes Company’s design facelift was so well received that it helped catalyze a company-wide rebranding initiative that is still currently in development.


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