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Enhanced brand experiential marketing through immersive interactive media.



Trilliant Foods


Tradeshow Booth Experiential


Content Strategy
Brand & Campaign
Interactive Kiosk Experience
Video Direction and Production
Motion Graphic Design


Trilliant, a vertically integrated production facility, needed to enhance their brand presence through the use of interactive multimedia that told a story about what their family of brands had to offer to help educate and attract buyers at the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) trade show.


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The challenge was to create content relevant to opposing customers across all tradeshows.

Because of the complexity of Trilliant’s service offerings, their agenda included tradeshows for a variety of industries and audiences. This ranged from promoting their private label brands (Victor Allen, Foundation Fitness, Black Stag, etc.) to the Walmarts of the world, to demonstrating their white label production services to countless international brands we aren’t allowed to mention.



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Welcome to Trend Town.

Is Trend Town a real place? Yes, because we created it. We designed the interactive kiosk experience as a virtual city where passerby’s could dive in and explore different “villages” that literally illustrate how their products satisfy the coffee industry’s hottest trends. Enjoy your stay!

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A series of videos that romanticized production lines.

Trilliant, Wellnova, and Horseshoe all had dedicated space in the Trilliant tradeshow booth, requiring us to develop 3 completely unique strategies, storyboards, and ultimately videos to promote their unique brand offerings


Although our booth was neighboring brands that were conference favorites in the likes of Monster, Red Bull, and Mountain Dew, our experiential efforts were instrumental in capturing the attention of prospective customers, giving the Trilliant sales team the opportunity they needed to engage and create meaningful connections.


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