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In the first phase of the campaign, we were able to achieve 47,146 page views and 2,365 “job openings” clicks.



Bassett Mechanical


Talent Recruitment Campaign


Campaign Strategy
Campaign Creative
Website Design
Social Media


Bassett Mechanical provides custom-built mechanical contracting, metals fabricating and maintenance service solutions to customers throughout the United States and the world. Despite their robust compensation benefits package and family-oriented company culture, they were having trouble with recruitment and relying heavily on outside recruiting vendors to fill needed positions.


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Our first challenge was to create a modernized campaign aesthetic that still drew from the existing brand.

To accomplish this we maintained brand colors, using them in a more flat and sophisticated way, while updating the typeface to have more character. A separate website and social media campaign were designed that lived independently from their primary site and social, which helped maintain the authenticity of the message and integrity of the creative.



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In the research phase, most effort was put toward understanding the company culture and why Bassett Mechanical was a great place to work.

We wanted to give the existing employees a voice, so we set up interviews and conducted a company-wide survey, gathering direct quotes from employees about working at Bassett reflecting personal growth and development, work-life balance, compensation and benefits, a compassionate and family-oriented company, and continued education.



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Our website goal completions contributed to our short-term and long-term goals; in the short-term, there was an increase in individuals most likely to show interest in and fill desired employment positions, and in the long term, there was an increase in awareness of Bassett’s unique company culture.


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