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Cross-agency collaboration with IDEO’s Play Labs to gamify civic engagement.





Ballot Party Kit Design


Concept Development
Play Testing
Brand Identity
Template Design
Game Design
Brochure Design


IDEO, a global design and innovation firm based out of Palo Alto, employs some of the greatest minds in the industry. We were humbled when directing members of their Play Labs department approached us to help them design a non-partisan game that could easily be downloaded, printed at home, and played with friends to help learn about the issues appearing on the upcoming election ballot.


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A remote team of marketing misfits with a cause.

It’s amazing what’s possible when a bunch of renegades with complementary skills decide to organize for a cause they’re passionate about. In a matter of weeks not only did the virtual team concept, write, prototype, design, and produce dozens of tactics, we also built some pretty cool friendships.

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Making participation a celebration.

Throwing a good party is kind of our thing. But designing a party kit that makes learning about important political issues on a weeknight more fun than Netflix and carry-out? That was the challenge.



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Guests, printers, staplers, beers and music not included.

But don’t worry, we took care of the rest. Our primary goal (besides giving another excuse to throw a party) in designing the party kit was to make it as easy possible to host a ballot party of your own. We achieved this by removing any potential friction that could get in the way such as clumsy jargon, boring visuals, complicated brochure assembly and even low printer ink levels.

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With a little design, creativity, playfulness and a lot of hard work, the downloadable ballot party kit was a huge success. In fact, research shows that events like ballot parties can help increase voting participation up to four percent.


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